03:44 Changeset [3119] by komodo
fix display date for questions without answer
03:32 Changeset [3118] by goya
fix doublon + style for alert box
03:20 Changeset [3117] by goya
Ajout d'un cartouche pour l'alerte mail pour recevoir la réponse par email
02:48 Changeset [3116] by goya
querry en solr style + utilisation de object_id plutot que du texte
02:42 API edited by roux
add link to dumps (diff)
01:08 Changeset [3115] by roux
oups oubli commit routing template


03:06 Changeset [3114] by roux
fix auteur missing in questions écrites
01:23 Changeset [3113] by nosdeputes
add détection parties reglementaires et arrêtés


03:41 Changeset [3112] by roux
add list groupes on list députés
03:13 Changeset [3111] by roux
add email alerte for question écrite with no answer
02:30 Changeset [3110] by roux
fix bad question orale title when QOSD suspended
02:18 Changeset [3109] by roux
fix bug display link amendements + loi in same intervention
02:00 Changeset [3108] by roux
add link to previous citoyen account
01:41 Changeset [3107] by roux
fix missing rules for debut_mandat and debut-legislature
00:47 Changeset [3106] by roux
remove box follow if mandate closed and say so
00:28 Changeset [3105] by roux
forbid comments identiques also on different objects
00:11 Changeset [3104] by nosdeputes
fix wrong attribution ministre


23:53 Changeset [3103] by nosdeputes
fix load double interventions commission with same md5
23:28 Changeset [3102] by nosdeputes
fix misformatting double interventions
23:23 Changeset [3101] by nosdeputes
fix number identiques
23:12 Changeset [3100] by roux
fix delete section only when really empty


18:24 Changeset [3099] by nosdeputes
oups forgot to commit adding required fields


03:13 Changeset [3098] by goya
banques texte commission


23:35 API edited by roux


17:48 Changeset [3097] by roux
séances le dimanche…


16:18 Changeset [3096] by roux
commit new encoder oublié ; fix record live thx to kerneis
15:17 Changeset [3095] by nosdeputes
amélioration suggérée par kerneis
15:04 Changeset [3094] by nosdeputes
disclaimer pour filtrer un peu les mails relous


15:59 Changeset [3093] by nosdeputes
fix wrong host in url_nosdeputes
15:59 Changeset [3092] by nosdeputes
coherence de style
09:58 Changeset [3091] by goya
refacto api code to add task to generate dump of all amdmts for a bill


01:48 Changeset [3090] by roux
style consistency
01:44 Changeset [3089] by roux
smaller list of identiques
01:12 Changeset [3088] by roux
01:10 Changeset [3087] by roux
fix plural for multiple alineas
01:06 Changeset [3086] by roux
better and more stable style / fix some alineas links
00:46 Changeset [3085] by roux
handle automatically which text to display when multiple ones for the same …
00:34 Changeset [3084] by roux
fix date displayed for debut legislature
00:29 Changeset [3083] by roux
little bit of style
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