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(edit) @3713   3 years nosdeputes fix triple interv missed
(edit) @3712   3 years nosdeputes fix bad date catchin
(edit) @3711   3 years nosdeputes fix rapporteur with parenthesis alone
(edit) @3708   3 years nosdeputes and again one last(?) fix for comms elargies
(edit) @3707   3 years nosdeputes more hours
(edit) @3706   3 years nosdeputes add script to change perso to another perso
(edit) @3705   3 years nosdeputes and another one
(edit) @3704   3 years nosdeputes one more comms elargies fix
(edit) @3703   3 years nosdeputes and again one more for comm elargies
(edit) @3702   3 years nosdeputes avoid some false positives in missed intervs detection
(edit) @3701   3 years nosdeputes fix once more some comm elargies interv parsing
(edit) @3700   3 years nosdeputes fix missing signataires when rapporteur with parenthesized mission
(edit) @3699   3 years nosdeputes fix third case of weird format comm elargies
(edit) @3698   3 years nosdeputes fix second bug with intervenants from bad comm elargies
(edit) @3697   3 years nosdeputes handle weird rapporteurs cases from comm elargies
(edit) @3696   4 years nosdeputes fix commissions considered loaded when site AN 503
(edit) @3695   4 years nosdeputes add option to limit to one specific seance
(edit) @3694   4 years nosdeputes handle Ingénieurs auditionnés
(edit) @3692   4 years nosdeputes freeze http for urls from api + handle https as queried in pages
(edit) @3691   4 years nosdeputes handle long commission ids
(edit) @3690   4 years nosdeputes revert small legend size since no more long group acronyme
(edit) @3689   4 years nosdeputes set max-width for imgs in CRs
(edit) @3688   4 years nosdeputes fix bug retrieving amdmt from link
(edit) @3687   4 years nosdeputes fix some missing commissions d'enquete names/ bis presences
(edit) @3686   4 years nosdeputes fix some missing commissions d'enquete names
(edit) @3685   4 years nosdeputes fix missing character in some intervs
(edit) @3684   4 years nosdeputes fix img's alt windows path with backslashes breaking json
(edit) @3682   4 years roux cleaner/safer
(edit) @3680   4 years roux add option to skip first date to avoid reloading last jo everytime
(edit) @3679   4 years roux simplify code
(edit) @3678   4 years nosdeputes more verbose logs for crons
(edit) @3676   4 years nosdeputes optionnalize live reload + add locks
(edit) @3674   4 years popeye New link of JO proof
(edit) @3672   4 years popeye Fix Senat JO wording of 27/04/2016
(edit) @3670   4 years popeye AN and Sénat ready
(edit) @3669   4 years popeye lxml is good enough
(edit) @3668   4 years popeye better with chamber
(edit) @3667   4 years popeye stdout option legend
(edit) @3666   4 years popeye stdout option
(edit) @3665   4 years popeye Add
(edit) @3664   4 years nosdeputes fix regexp global
(edit) @3663   4 years popeye woops
(edit) @3662   4 years popeye handle more cases
(edit) @3661   4 years popeye Install JO parser in tasks and set output to json dir
(edit) @3660   4 years popeye JO use new json directory
(edit) @3659   4 years popeye crap
(edit) @3658   4 years popeye oops
(edit) @3657   4 years popeye Adjusting parser + encoding
(edit) @3655   4 years nosdeputes fix tagging on interventions with html and/or urls
(edit) @3654   4 years popeye Spelling
(edit) @3652   4 years nosdeputes remove Seance should not remove presences from JO
(edit) @3651   4 years nosdeputes handle imgs in cr commissions cf
(edit) @3650   4 years nosdeputes add script to reload latest manually added seance
(edit) @3649   4 years popeye Some Sénat fixes, need more
(edit) @3648   4 years popeye Start handling Sénat
(edit) @3647   4 years popeye Adding pre-process and fix more AN attendance
(edit) @3646   4 years popeye Move to common dir
(edit) @3645   4 years popeye AN debug
(edit) @3644   4 years popeye Compute all JO script example (html commissions starts in 2016)
(edit) @3643   4 years popeye Start of a new JO parser
(edit) @3642   4 years popeye From to date generator
(edit) @3634   4 years nosdeputes tmp fix for new url documents AN
(edit) @3628   4 years teymour Correct de l'erreur de syntaxe dans la détection des dates de début/fin
(edit) @3627   4 years nosdeputes handle number loi in rapporteur infos
(edit) @3626   4 years nosdeputes fix mission tempo with no detail
(edit) @3625   4 years nosdeputes handle cedilles in rapporteur's mission
(edit) @3624   4 years nosdeputes fix duplicate mission tempo source
(edit) @3623   4 years nosdeputes switch downloading deputes pages to new AN page
(edit) @3622   4 years nosdeputes fix missing info on commission évaluation et controle
(edit) @3621   4 years nosdeputes oups debug
(edit) @3620   4 years nosdeputes reload only amendments not finished
(edit) @3619   4 years nosdeputes add script to tag with loi only specific interventions of a seance
(edit) @3618   4 years nosdeputes fix questions including linebreaks
(edit) @3617   4 years nosdeputes if multiple command files (ie produced by split)
(edit) @3616   4 years nosdeputes fix loading questions retirées sans question
(edit) @3615   4 years nosdeputes fix broken question
(edit) @3614   4 years nosdeputes fix bad ministères
(edit) @3613   4 years nosdeputes cleanup
(edit) @3612   4 years nosdeputes handle too many files to rm
(edit) @3611   4 years nosdeputes Correction de députés non reconnus (pour cause d'usage de <u> et <b> …
(edit) @3610   4 years roux fix some missing presences
(edit) @3609   4 years roux add grep to check whether an erratum is present as pointed by lpenet
(edit) @3607   4 years nosdeputes add script to split multiple intervenants in n interventions
(edit) @3606   4 years nosdeputes add task to fix parlementaire set to wrong personnalite
(edit) @3604   4 years nosdeputes fix mising reload of anciens deputes
(edit) @3603   4 years nosdeputes Réactive le repérage des dates pour les commissions élargies du plf
(edit) @3602   4 years nosdeputes Correction des problèmes de nom de commissions élargies lors des plf
(edit) @3601   4 years nosdeputes fix sexist ordering in cosiognataires bills
(edit) @3600   4 years roux fix display ministere names in question_ecrite
(edit) @3599   4 years nosdeputes catch comm elargie triple
(edit) @3597   4 years nosdeputes fix missing intervs in comms elargies
(edit) @3596   4 years nosdeputes handle commissions elargies 2015
(edit) @3595   5 years nosdeputes fix auteurs rapports
(edit) @3594   5 years nosdeputes silent crons
(edit) @3592   5 years goya get last tweet gaq from gazouilleur
(edit) @3589   5 years roux better handle display+api for nom/prenom with particule
(edit) @3586   5 years roux oups debug
(edit) @3585   5 years roux fix missing last present in some cases
(edit) @3584   5 years roux fix download one broken
(edit) @3582   5 years nosdeputes oups broke synthese csv when adding websites
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